JaZoN Frings


JaZoN Frings is an emerging American Artist based in Paris France. He studied at Parsons School of Design & received his MFA at La Sorbonne in 2008.

For over 10 years his work has focused on how to create art using the economy as the medium. He has created a stock market based on his life (experiences & health) where value is generated by the quality and importance of life lived, a monetary system based on human relationships instead of numbers, and is currently editor of an art & economy bi-monthly magazine called,
“The ZEconomist.”

JaZoN has had various critically acclaimed expositions around the globe since 2007, exposing in Paris, New York, Berlin, San Francisco, and Barcelona. He is currently represented by Galerie MFC-Michèle Didier in Paris, and all his work is archived by the renowned art critique Ghislain Mollet-Viéville.

Some of his notable solo projects from the past few years are: first stand at the 59e Salon de Montrouge 2014, a Zollar to Dollar currency exchange counter during the SPRING/BREAK art fair NYC in 2015, and a site specific installation at Galerie MFC-Michèle Didier Paris.

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Artistic Narrative :

JaZoN Frings experiments with new situations in art by creating works that can be activated and acquired in the form of different parts of the economy: stocks, bonds, earnings reports, funds, market updates, services, business fair, products, shopping mall, monetary systems all the way to fully regulated stock exchanges and dedicated media outlet.

JaZoN’s art goes beyond simple objects and representations by becoming living systems and experiences: he has created a human economy based on the value produced by life itself.

Ghislain Mollet-Viéville


JaZoN Frings est un artiste américain émergent basé à Paris. Il a étudié à la Parsons School of Design et a reçu son MFA à La Sorbonne en 2008.

Depuis plus de 10 ans, sa production artistique est basé sur l’économie boursière comme moyen d’expression. Il a ainsi créé un marché dont les actions sont reliées aux expériences positives ou négatives de sa vie. Il est actuellement rédacteur en chef du Magazine trimestriel : “The ZEconomist.”

Depuis 2007, JaZoN a eu plusieurs expositions à Paris, New York, Berlin, San Francisco et Barcelone. Il est actuellement représenté par la Galerie mfc-michèle didier à Paris, et tous ses travaux sont archivés par le spécialiste de l’art conceptuel : Ghislain Mollet-Viéville.

Principales expositions personnelles : un stand au Salon de Montrouge (2014), un comptoir d’echange (Zollar/dollar) à la foire d’art SPRING/BREAK NYC (2015) et une installation à la Galerie mfc-michèle didier, Paris (2016).