ZExchanges Z2


ZExchanges Z2 has changed formats from its previous mission to serve as the ZEconomy news source to focus on creating digital exhibitions of the ZEconomy and related artist.
Stay tuned for future projects and collaborations.

ZExchanges Z1

(2008 - 2022)

ZExchanges 2008 - 2022 takes the linguistics of the economic world and uses it all wrong as the Z Economy’s news source. Instead of using news reports to report on the current state of the economy Z Exchanges focuses on expressing the happenings of living that influence how life profits are interpreted.

Today comprised of more than 300 articles and videos all made with zero budget. The poor quality of the videos plays a double roll in critiquing the often plastic appearance of financial news, while playing up the notion of youtube aesthetics. It’s not a vlog but plays with notions that today anyone can be a news anchor, whether they have news or not.

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1.) An artistic economic eco-system started in 2006, of continuously evolving art projects that explore an individual's place inside human made societal systems.
2.) The deliberate manipulation of economic output into the absurd, mundane, good, bad, & ugly… |