Insomnia Shares Wide Awake

Insomnia shares were wide awake in overnight market action as the market wondered why it said that when it could of just gone home with a simple good bye. General market conscious believes a different response would have been awesome. The director of communications for Z Anxiety Corp. told us, “We always come up with the right response at the wrong time, and too late. According to Reuters Exxon mobile has asked U.S. regulators to: block climate-change resolution that was already too weak to combat the problem of climate change resulting in a significant amount of frustration supply and fear on the futures exchange.  Further Insomnia output produced large quantities of regret capital concerning a decision from 2 years ago, however Z Analysts expect the market to forget by morning.   Questioning Shares also benefited from the insomnia session continually asking, “do they even like us?”  Overall   Anxiety related shares were the night session biggest winners, with fatigue futures in a close second.