JZX Leaves Reality Update Dec 2016



JaZoN Ex. Leaves Reality Update Dec 2016

JaZoN Ex. Has officially left reality shifting to a more expressive exaggerated state. The idea of reality has become difficult to maintain as of late. With current polling results on a multitude of issues proving useless in their analytical accuracy it has become impossible for the JaZoN Ex. listed companies to depict a true reality. 

“What is the point in trying to define “real” circonstances, in a realist manner, if reality always seems to be wrong,” said Timothy Leary from the Zo High analysis group. We at the ZEconomist would have to agree. The hypernormalization, or the relative incompetence of the current power structures and total disconnect between different ideological groups beliefs systems, has created an environment where it is impossible to understand the complexities of the life market. In turn each group separated by their personal beliefs lives in a personalized reality, impossible to understand from a macro analytic vision of reality. And more worryingly, it has become extremely difficult to penetrate other groups outside the of the markets belief system, which has caused a total break down in communications furthering the analysts difficulties is in assessing true worldly market views. And thus destroying any semblance of reality. 

Ayn Rand JaZoN Ex. Specialist at Z Hog bank told us “We remain dedicated to following our own personal paths according to what we feel and observe as in our best interest. However placing investments in an environment where it is no longer possible to truly understand what is reality and fiction, what is happening around us, makes good investing a tall task. Being blind sided by an unexpected political vote is shocking, let alone when the vote automatically defaults to an infinitely complex set of problems and issues. Our long-term strategy is self preservation… of self.” This objectivist position seems to be very common throughout the life investing circles today. A very troublesome observation. Even ultra selfish related capital doesn’t know how to place itself. 

There may be a positive side however to all this confusion. If the JaZoN Ex. does in fact decide that removing the links to reality may allow for a much more express form of investing. Allowing a romanticized ideal of life to influence how investors speculate on value movements may reveal new opportunities that produce very creative investment vehicles. When the development of photography became available to the public the painting world was able to free itself of a certain form of reality that arguably lead to impressionism, and ultimately modern art. And it must be stated JaZoN Ex. as an art form can sometimes lack an overtly expressive side in favor of intellectualism. Exaggeration can lead to expression while still representing reality. 

All this has combined to force JaZoN Ex. regulators to renegotiate the market’s current obligations to cold hard reality. Whether or not they can successfully navigate the tricky path to a more expressionist vision of life trading without beytraing investor confidence remains to be seen. Considering that nobody seems to understand today’s world in all its complexities it might not even make a difference.