JZX Bill Cunningham, NY TImes SPRING/BREAK Update Mar 2015

March 6th, 2015“This is Bill Cunningham from New York City and this week it’s a story that involves the young art world and the young fashion world and it gave me the greatest hope for our civilization. This past week was the opening of 3 gigantic art shows. There is a new group of I’d never been too, and it is a sensation, young people form together and call the exhibit SPRING/BREAK art show. How clever they found the main post office, abandoned bureaucratic offices, and they used it as galleries. The stuff is off the wall, off the ceiling, full of ideas. If you ever were despondent it about the big business and branding of art and fashion forget it a new generation just opened the door to fresh air. These kids never going to have anything to do with chorale force-fed fashion presentation, they think for themselves. The creative fountain of these people, it was just wonderful. It was such stark contrast with the fashion shows of 2 weeks ago, and the SPRING/Break art show was such contrast with the 2 big art shows. Have hope that there are people thinking well outside the block in both the art world and the fashion world.” – New York Times Fashion Photographer; Bill Cunningham