JZX Black Nov. Update 2015

Nov 29, 2015

November exchanging stared out with a good deal of hope capital only to see a dramatic fall into red. Volatility resonated throughout the month.
Understanding capital fell drastically as incomprehension output increased 100 fold. Anger, and frustration earnings served as a platform to push depression to yearly highs, followed by increased fake output due to the mid month’s horrific events.

Most positive side companies saw significant down trends.
The month’s winners ended up in human support based stocks as the humanity related capital did its best to provide a solid base for market relations in complete shock and melt down, while diverting from a more personalized total market crash.

The Zederal Reserve received little relational data and decided to leave its Z Relationship interest rate unchanged at “good/really good.”

For JaZoN and the Z Exchanges party on Paris!!!!