JZX Couch Potato Update Feb 2016



February 22, 2016

February exchanging has been lack luster for the beginning of the month mostly moving at a couch potato pace. With cold weather and no word about potential projects slowing market volumes to extreme boredom levels.

The principal benefactor from the increased sitting around is movie watching stocks, which have hit seasonal highs.

Sports assets have continued their 2016 slow down still battling with logistics, age fatigue, and poor weather. However the market’s overall appearance remains within the expected range of sexiness.

Drinking stocks have mounted a small come back after a poor start to 2016, though Z analysts aren’t confident in a long term return to mid 2015 highs.

Also linked to the drop in market exchanging, Depression capital has remained solid stunting progress in new happy side market expansion, and augmenting uncertainty.

The continued uncertainty, in turn, is boosting frustration and anger output putting even more pressure on social assets, and testing friendship stocks quality.

Optimistic stocks have luckily resisted complete desolation despite the overall poor market sentiment.

The Zederal Reserve has received solid relational data and changed the ZReationship interest rate to good.