JZX Democracy Update Oct. 2016




Interviewer :

In a democracy are there any controls over artists that are valid?

Frank Zappa :

No no why? Why does an artist need to be controlled in a democracy ?

In a democracy everybody gets to say whats on their minds.

Now the problem with a democracy is, and I’ve been having just a nightmare over democracy lately because … within the last few years I’ve become interested in getting people to register and vote. I’ve been active in that, I’ve said yeah lets get democracy going.

But I have begun to say wait a minute, we’ve got a big problem. You can’t really have a democracy if one man’s vote equals another man’s vote than one man’s education has to equal one man’s education. So that people have the not only the basic machinery to assimilate the data from which they will draw their conclusion and cast their vote. You have to have that as a basis for a democracy. When you have a society were too many people can’t read or write;

How can you say we all have an equal voice in the government?