JZX Drunken Update March 2014

March 3rd, 2014

March 3rd, 2014

February trading was fast and creative with social assets drinking heavily. Z analysts are predicting March to keep up the trend despite brain & liver Corp. objections. Volumes were better than expected thanks to the abnormal winter exchanging conditions.

Juridic maneuvering and solid demand for late night exchanging supported triple x capital increases. Overall trading session performances sounded enjoyable for the whole of market and it’s partner.

Sleep stocks produced market restlessness but still didn’t stop a very entertaining dream supply throughout the month.
Sports output got wet… mostly in the pool as knee related capital stopped working correctly.

Creative sector earnings finished in new territory with help from release of a more mature approach to research & development. Equally professional opportunities steadily increased through out the month.

The Zederal Reserve Relationship data showed mixed results and has therefore decided to lower interest rates to “alright.”

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