JZX Gif Update Aug. 2015

Aug 2015,

Ego shares were strong on the realisation that JaZoN Ex. will be shown at Gallery MFC-Michèle-Didier in September.
Stress stocks also benefited from the realisation that JaZoN Ex will be shown at Gallery MFC-Michèle-Didier in September producing a strong better not fuck it up effect on share price.
An ambitious production schedule put strong pressure on relaxation assets, pushing them to their lowest levels in more than 4 years.
Rocking out shares saw a mostly positive month thanks to increased demand for art creation output and a need to fuel an aggressive production timeline.
Drawing Assets lead the art sector into its best month of 2015. Followed by creative capital and renewed idea market expansion.
What a mess Art production destroyed the cleaning sector assets leaving a full layer of wood shaving, spent eraser, used tape, and paper scraps all over the JaZoN Ex. trading floor.
Friend Inc. assets saw solid growth throughout the month thanks to generous help from Romain Troche with market technology and Julien Deprez’s 3D printing consulting.
All work and no play quieted gossip shares and caused party oriented stocks to go completely sober. However a daily pint of beer helped keep apero shares stable through the whole of the month.
Ending the month Fatigue Capital reinforced market age, JaZoN Ex. isn’t 25 any more…

The Zederal Reserve received little relational data in August and has left rates unchanged.