JZX JaZoN & Jason Jan. Update 2016

Jan. 25th, 2016

Hello and welcome to the JaZoN Ex. update for Jan 2016.
Early year has been nothing short of erratic.
Leading the volatility party sector stocks have been desecrated since the start of 2016 as a new market trend towards sobriety has erased almost all of 2015 alcoholic gains.

Jason: boring loser, you’re old

Benefiting from the sharp descent in apero shares waking up stocks perked up for the better part of a month.

Jason & JaZoN
Z Analysts are expecting a continuation of the trend moving into February.

Jason: Winner! Thumbs up

Sports related capital has been very slow off the starting block due to unstable weather and new inhibitive exchanging locations, and opening the door for fat share expansion.
Also bolstering fat shares throughout the start of the New Year, Z Cooking production produced large quantities of lasagna, forcing a rise in energy consumption despite the slide in energy usage.

Jason: winner fat ass!

Erotic assets faced strong resistance as market liquidity dried up and a lack of demand for cheating assets pushed share prices down and honesty earnings up.

Jason: loser nobody thinks you’re sexy

The highlight for the beginning of the 2016 exchanging year has been art sector as earnings beat market expectations, and lead the JaZoN Ex. overall. A steep rise in creative stocks is expected to continue into 2016.

Jason : winner bravo bravo… (Clapping)

The Zederal Reserve has received complicated relation data and lowered the ZRelationship interest rate to “Medium.” The bank is watching the situation closely and ready to supply stimulus if necessary.