JZX Lazy Market Update Aug 2016



The JaZoN Ex. experienced slow and low exchanging over a pleasant month of taking it easy. Nieces and nephews dominated family sector happiness, while children of friends help push up social related stocks. Mother knows best Corp. intervention to reestablish ego related capital succeeded in both calm down an over anxious nervous sector, and propping up a lagging ego sector.


Multiple vacations assured strong Goofing Off Inc. output with even stronger relaxation sector earnings. Zanalysis is unsure how long the gains will last going into September, but agrees that overall the effects will be positive on market action going into the future.


Eating stocks increased readily as ZEating Out Inc. shares had their best four week session on record. The company is forecasting decent earnings going into the last quarter of 2016 however it is expected to have lower production output as weight regulation and busy assets see increased demand.

Skin shares ended the month nicely tanned with a greater surface area thanks to a stomach expansion from all the eating out production. Sports stocks maintained their profits but were not able to reduce fat shares price rise.

For JaZoN Ex. and the Z Exchanges trade hard.