JZX Missed Headlines Update Oct, 2015

Oct 30, 2015

October’s monthly exchanging volume was strong, featuring both positive and negative oriented market movements. However despite a positive start negative oriented companies beat positive oriented companies due to typical life problems.

Winners for the month were mostly found in the social sector as drinking related capital chugged continuously for most of the month. Surprisingly production capital also saw a creative month thanks largely to a smaller imposed workload. Writing shares had their best week of the year as the JaZoN Ex. has begun to offer curatorial services, we will be watching for the official launch ZEXPO Inc. hopefully in March 2016.

Losing stocks were mostly due to communication issues and frustration as stagnation inside of the personal love based markets has revealed potentially market altering problems. There is however a visible desires to rectify the situation and advance moving forward.

The Zederal Reserve received heated up overall relational data and has decided to raise the Z Relationship Interest Rate to “Good/Really Good.”