JZX Multi Tasking in an Exaggerated Manner Feb 2015 Update

February 15th, 2015Volumes in February have been very low as working output continues to dominate market action. Z Analysts are expecting more than 500 hours of consecutive production over the whole of the month.
Friend and party assets have suffered the most so far, with the xxx sector going soft due to fatigue and lack of time.

The market’s most notable growth has been an expansion into multi tasking, and task delegation, producing mixed positive and negative results.
Questions did arise concerning the flagrant differences between the Anglophone and francophone work ethics, directly sparking an increase in stress assets.
Z Ego Corp. is also seeing extreme volatile due to rises unjustified critics and lack of demand for points of view.

The Zederal reserve has seen stable relationship data and left the Z Relationship interest rate unchanged at “good/alright.”