JZX Rolling Update Sept. 2016



Sept 30th, 2016

JZX September Rolling Update,


Running up that hill the JaZoN ex largely bull dosed its way through September exchanging seeing solid volume and good liquidity throughout the month.


Creative creativity production worked with multiple technological companies to render a productive 4 weeks. New art works were released to MFC-Michèle Didier and will be brought to market at the end of the month in the MAD art fair. Z-Drawing recovered Augusts’ losses following a longterm investment into new printing materials.


Sports assets suffered the biggest declines due to the increased overall workload. A Demand for Z-Running shares was present, but sparsely exploited despite nice workout weather. As a result, beer consumption remained strong throughout the month supporting Augusts fat share expansion and eating stock gains.


The month’s biggest winners were in the erotic sector as solid love assets boosted the sectors hot and steamy related capital to yearly highs. JaZoN & Cleopatra bank has cited a risk due to a late month fatigue expansion but has kept its buy recommendation as the market is feeling the love.


For JaZoN & the Z-Exhanges trade hard.