JZX Top & Bottom Update Dec 2015


Dec 31st, 2015

2015´s volume was turbulent with muted highs and extraordinary lows.
With December being dominated by the flu and artificial smiles output.

The year’s biggest winner was the creative sector thanks in part to multiple expositions. Notable in NYC and at MFC Michèle Didier in Paris. Artist output gave up prolific production for higher quality levels.

Humor sector stocks had an unstable year seeing high hopes and battered dreams throughout the year.

Happiness related assets were very turbulent, following multiple terrorist attacks in Paris, and a contraction in friend capital. Z Analysis is at a loss on predicting future performances in the whole of the sector.

The ego sector was the biggest loser as overall success failed to prove lucrative, and societal pressures deflated markets impression of self. Fourth quarter Depression also stunt ego sector growth despite a concerted effort to hide gloomy market signals.

Sports shares saw a spring / summer growth spurt, but faltered moving into winter as time and energy supply decreased significantly. Cross fit is set to bring up the sector moving into the new exchanging year.

The Zederal Reserve saw lots of different relational data throughout the year. December holiday cheer was fairly muted causing rates slide down to “medium.”