JZX Update Apr, 04, 2012

Are those pants to tight or are you just happy to see me? Style assets have volatile month as natural hair disasters and multiple pant leg incidents create a cool draft for Zo Backside Corp. and throw the style sector into chaos. Exchanging volumes were solid for the whole of the month and look set to continue.

Rock and roll looks to have had a minor heart attack, as overall earnings in the music sector failed to hit March’s high notes.
Been there done that, Zo Uninterested Corp. able to profit from an over supply of repetitive Parisian entertainment.
More for Z, More for Z, More for Z, Z Greed Inc. increases its production levels and gorges on more than its fair share of the pie through the greater part of the month, while still allowing for a steady supply of Charm and Pleasantry.
Effort assets rebounded thanks to market exploration of Barcelona that helped revitalize overall sentiment and drive.
Increased production in walking asset saw prices reach abnormal levels for the quarter. Also benefiting from the rise, to spite a literal quick market slide, Stepped in Dog Shit shares had higher than wanted volumes of exchange followed by a rather unpleasant lingering.
Allergies lead by JaZoN Sneezing Systems and JZN Cough Corp. rose to sickening levels as profit margins began to increase entering into its traditional earnings season.

Z Snob Corp & Z Arrogance Inc. lead March’s losers suffering from the increased production in Charm and Pleasantry assets. Also falling due to the rise in gentlemanly capital Z Vulgar Corp. experienced a sudden augmentation in linguistic finesse production turning aggressive market discord into diplomatic articulation. Guilt capital also decreased due to a growing market sentiment that no one is perfect so what is the point in trying to be.
Z Nosh Corp. continued to suffer from a lack of intake as increased activity and a touch rigor keep exchange volumes and demand down.

The Zederal Reserve was pleased by March’s relational inflation as results, for the second month in a row, were within expectations. April features a slight increase in deflationary risk however is expected to be stable.