JZX Update Apr, 06, 2010

The month of March showed limited volatility changing little from the previous month’s results. The principle winner’s were in the production sector off rumours of a new trading platform for the JaZoN Exchanges. Continual elevated amounts of work were not enough to hold back the stress sector, which continued to be unstoppable. However it could run into eventual problems in the next quarter if the Zederal Reserve Bank is able to keep exterior inflationary pressures from overtaking market integrity. Pain related shares performed nicely thanks to the dentist poorly applying a local anesthetic before conducting a root canal. A parallel rise in the surprise sector came from finding out that something as small as the nerve in a tooth could cause that much extended bodily pain.

Hit hard by renewed technical problems kitchen sector shares fell considerably after a half-baked pizza and an elongated strike by the stove revealed new complications in the cooking sector. Added to that fears persist about further teeth related difficulty putting extra pressure on the already sore mouth and eating assets.

Short term bills saw a surprise rise in deflation causing considerable concern in the ZRB, further anti-deflation measures are being considered to confront the stagnate boredom created by French culture. Long-term treasuries however remain solid with favorable conditions expected to persist into the summer.