JZX Update April, 03, 2013


March was on fire as the Venus of Botticelli augmented aphrodisia market oriented exchanging volumes and pushed up ego shares to yearly highs. Equally aroused by the Venus social oriented capital sky rocked upward rising throughout the month. Exchanging volumes where strong with a projected increase going into April.

The biggest overall market winner turned out to be in bureaucratic stocks as immigration rules and regulations played havoc in stress asset volatility.
Red Tape Corp announced gains of more than 500% annihilating market expectations and pushing the stock price to an all time high.

Sports paper had a low value start but ended with a high value finish expending into new titillating interior forms of production.
Z analysts have changed their out look: “to buy,” for the majority of the sector.
Jewish capital enjoyed a renewed faith happily gaining over 20% during mid month exchanging however it’s experiencing a bit of difficulty maintaining the gains over the long term.

Art stocks had a difficult finish to March weight down by the massive advances in bureaucratic obligations. Also having a very difficult finish to the month, cleaning stocks got a bit funky with the Zo Domestic Hedge Fund reporting significant losses due to the triple combination of expiring future renovation promises, expiring commodity supplies, and the increased demand for organizational capital (triple witch).

The Zederal Reserve received mostly stable relational debt data showing typical spring time erotic increases. Seasonal inflation remained acceptable; therefore the ZZXC has left the Z Relationship interest unchanged at Good / Really Good.