JZX Update Aug, 01, 2009

July saw strong advances in the cleaning markets, along with thinking and intellect assets. Fighting stocks also saw strong growth on the overwhelming desire to punch stupid egotistical people in the face. Stress and stress related shares are down thanks to nice weather and a rising sports market. It appears that the bear market in stress related assets will continue until September thanks to a month long stay in New York. Also falling sharply in July were all disheveled and mistrust stocks thanks to a bottoming out of questionable friends and a need to be organized in order to hold Z-Exchange events in my studio.

Treasures remain stable with strong long-term interest rates and low inflation. There is a small increase in risk of deflation on the long-term and med-term bonds towards the end of the month due to vacation proximity factors. The introduction of fellow dollars has alleviated some stress on the rise of inflation for the fellowship dollars.