JZX Update Aug, 02, 2010

July featured a very turbulent start finishing up with fairly low volatility. Unfulfilled assets rose and look set to continue to rise following an unsatisfactory progress report from the industry. There is however an overall sentiment the market will take action to counter any possible destabilizing speculation. Creative shares faired well especially after the beginning of the month pause. New confirmations about future projects have the market a buzz with rumors about investment opportunities. The months’ surprise winner was in the goofing off industries after the acquisition of boules de petanque. Gains are expected to continue for the next two months looking good for continued expansion in the whole of the sector. Walking and biking earnings are up sharply on a push for a greener lifestyle, while running continues not to disappoint. Volume expectations for August are low however the current market gains look set to hold on into September.

Overall ego related assets had a very difficult end of the month falling sharply on concerns of age and status. External market factors continue to push place downward pressure on the sector though not all projections are calling for further declines. Stomach shares also featured a turbulent month finishing off their mid-month lows, however their long-term outlook is questionable.

Long term treasuries came off their last month highs, with short term obligations gaining nicely on a effort from the ZRB^ to assure short term liquidity and spur growth in the near term. Deflation remains a risk with the vacation season looming, however the ZRB^ is watching closely for any overbearing risks.