JZX Update Aug, 04, 2011

An uncharacteristically wet month of July did not stop strong volumes of exchange. The odor sector produced a surplus in July after a slight rise in temperature combined with sports assets gains expended production capabilities and left tears in the eyes of passersby. August should see multiple interventions to not allow the sector to overheat any more than needed. Z Analysts are predicting this month to have stable comfortable results in the relaxation sector as France goes on vacation.

Winner’s for the month of July were more numerous than losers. The Art sector saw a golden period of growth spurred on by the painting industries’ expansion into gold leaf refining and application. Stupid America related capital defied belief reaching its highest level on record as the American government produced a surplus of immaturity capable of out performing two five year olds fighting over the last piece of candy. Greed kept up a self-centered escapade of expansion making solid earnings once again at the expense of others. A voracious workload lead to good profit making in the desire and success sectors, however the sector’s advances sparked volatile in fatigue related capital. The running sector’s performance helped contribute to shaping a solid market back side, while swimming results have proved successful in building up the arm sector muscle reserves to seasonal high’s.

July’s grease reduction hurt natural gas output as a small consortium of traders shorted the energy sector with an augmented input of natural organic materials. Reclusive homebound hermit sentiment continued to fall by the waste side in response to a huge workload. In turn the party sector’s liquid based companies participated in a steady amount of profit making and taking. Lying shares were down, to the broader markets detriment, as honesty proves the month’s vanquisher spurring the possibility of long term market stress due to the risk of an inflationary amount of truth in the overall exchanging base. Seductive shares slide down the slippery slope of dickishness bring the sector down to three month lows, in part due to exploiting the French tradition of not taking the last piece.

Treasuries are slightly down to spite growth in short term relationships. Overall July proved fairly uneventful in the ZRelationship monetary markets. The Zederal Reserve did however announce a new JaZoN Ex^ earning schedule that began at the start of the month. From now on at least one full sector will be updated a day boosting the markets exchange volume.