JZX Update Aug, 2, 2012

A hot last week of July helped odor shares transpire to extremely potent gains. While gluttony increases in the energy sector pushed out stomach assets to unacceptable forms. Overall exchanging was calm and fairly stable.

Drunk’ in stupors helped the party sector see strong earning during the first two weeks of exchanging as two national holidays provided improved drinking conditions and strong festive demand to bout.
Dreams gone wild produced some very dirty nights and helped sleep assets increase output thanks to the increased production quality.
A big spill helped falling down shares as a hidden stump sparked a single session flying market crash. Though the market recovered quickly from the embarrassing glitch.

July saw brain related capital start to dwindle towards mid-month causing multiple bumps and bruises and slowing overall work related productivity levels significantly. Towards the end of the month the lack of brain activity compounded by vacation looming large on the horizon allowed attention span capital to dissipate leading the rest of the intellectual sector mostly down.
Running logistics and tendons combined to cause painfully sporadic earnings with limited to no growth for what is normally considered its strongest earning seasons.

Treasuries were slightly down as yields found it difficult to produce new relationships. If deflationary pressure continues institutional insanity may be injected into the money supply as market conditions dictate as necessary.