JZX Update Dec, 02, 2008

Dec, 2008 This months markets showed an unexpected drop in the stress-based instruments, however look for a significant rise in the following week due to multiple presentations and money market situations. As previously indicated the theories and research are on the rise with further potential for growth over the next quarter.

Biggest winner is anything to do with drawing due to a drawing contest, and the use of the drawing as a general refuge from anything going wrong on the markets.

Biggest losers are in the exercise markets and inter-relational fun markets due to excessive cold and lack of euros.

Inflation has gone down from last month due to a small rise in interest rates. With the up coming holiday season inflation should be stable, with any real chance of a rise in inflation coming after the 23rd Dec. Long term Z-bonds saw strong advances with the T-Bill falling from strong support from my girlfriend.