JZX Update Dec, 03, 2009

November ended up being a fairly volatile month for the Z-Exchanges bring both substantial gains and loses on the broader indexes. The month’s best performers were in the thinking/writing stocks thanks to a push towards greater creative freedom. Anger markets also faired very well with strong growth coming from a lack of progress for change in the USA and a strong sentiment that France is not willing to look outside of its box. Friendship assets have come off their previous lows notably thanks to a strong investment from Ghislain Mollet-Viéville. The running markets continue to soar to spite the cold weather, however the coming month could prove difficult for the market to hold onto to its current highs.

The month’s biggest loser was by far in the painting markets. Thanks to a push into a non-physical type of artistic production painting related assets tumbled to their lowest levels since record keeping began. A surprise fall in the market’s fun instruments also occurred mostly due to the change in climate. A recent weekend trip has had a knock on effect that pushed down the overall cleaning stocks. With a bad cavity creating heavy pressure on all teeth related stocks to round out the month’s bears.

Treasuries saw an unstable beginning to the month with the long term Z-Bond falling only to have a rapid come back and return to stability. Short-term notes saw a rise, as did inflation due to the month’s high volatility on the Z-Exchanges.