JZX Update Dec, 03, 2010

The overall JaZoN Ex’s saw a steady amount of volume through the whole of November. Towards the end of the month large declines in the comfort assets occurred due to an overly exaggerated cold front pushing through most of northern Europe. The abnormal seasonal temperature also contributed to a fairly substantial decline in the sports sectors less transportation stocks. Biking stocks have slipped mildly but strong determination to stay green during the upcoming winter months remains solid. MET^ saw its best month of the year with a good out look for the current month after the Jets & Giants both continue to stay in contention for the playoffs.

The current market environment is seen as providing strong conditions for a rise in stress related instruments and looks to keep libido and comfort assets in hibernation, at least for the beginning of December. Steady hard work should also create more opportunities in the art sector with intellectual shares coming into the forefront of the market focus following an increased level of research and development.

Treasuries feature good inflationary conditions with the next month’s events looking to continue the trend. An extended cold front could however way down on short-term instruments and curb opportunities for potential new long-term growth. Current Long-term bonds continue to remain stable with solid yields meeting market expectations.