JZX Update Dec, 05, 2011

“What did you say?” Really loud sustained musical exchanges eroded hearing stocks levels. “No you can’t & not good enough,” permeated throughout the month’s market destroying market self-confidence. Sports capital helped keep backside shares looking super sexy. Overall market exchange volume was normal to high.

New baking technology added a fine aroma of, “ummm” to the energy sector helping kitchen shares grow as quality and production capabilities expanded 2 fold. Hatred and Frustration helped bolster an increase in negative sentiment leading to an 80% decline in ZEGO share price. The result pushed up suicidal tendencies as a last resort solution to lack of market growth. Not helping was a series of mid month set backs that pushed rejection assets to their highest level on record. Also benefiting from the confidence crisis “dramatic industrials” rose, as speculation of long-term failure and other perceived market inadequacy ran ramped to spite a lack of support from hard analysis. Intellectual shares were mostly higher as stupidity dominated the sectors exchanges creating a rise in questioning output production concerning the future of mankind and who is reproducing in the highest quantities?

Voyeur assets fell in a normally strong season due to scaffolding covering neighbors’ windows. Higher grain consumption has pushed negative side stomach functioning to 2011 lows. Extremely poor earnings in the handy man industrials weighted in on share prices after water continues to flow whether the faucet is open or not.

Treasuries featured a surprise deflationary month as general relationship input soured. The Zederal Reserve remains confident that the holiday season will help overall treasury value going into the start of next year. Certain issues have appeared with long term debt, however the future outcome is still positive.