JZX Update Dec 3rd, 2012

Booze, brawls, and babies dominated last month’s market activity as a result of Girlfriend Inc. declaring bankruptcy. In another aggressive surprise move Bachelor Inc. moved in to buy the outstanding debt of the troubled Girlfriend Inc. and re-lists on the JZLE after more than a 5 & half-year hiatus. Exchanging volumes rose significantly thanks increased social trading during the second half of the month.

November’s big market mover was Girlfriend Inc. crashing into bankruptcy due to an underlying inability to rectify a reproduction dispute. The company is now in bankruptcy holding, been de-listed from the JZLE, and being sold by the Zederal Reserve. Relationship capital remains sad but stable, and is projecting large increases in hot nasty fornication production going into the next month and New Year. Party sector shares are also set to benefit from the social orientated shift in market conditions.

Overall foolishness-investing lead a volatile month for the intellectual sector as earnings remain mixed due to November’s inebriated stimulus package from the Zederal Reserve. On a positive note the injection of liquidity has alleviated excess market boredom and begun restoring more exciting prospects going towards the future. Next month’s stimulus projections are looking to focus more on developing one night stand oriented exchanging.

Treasuries were mostly unchanged as broader relational capital market input remained on more stable footing than the JZLE. Next month’s holidays are expected to keep social interactions strong to spite the influx of cold weather conditions.