JZX Update Feb, 02, 2012

How can that be? Questing stocks see strong volume of exchange and wonder why(?) helping intellectual profits rise. Not much cooking in the energy sector as overall production left a nasty after taste in market mouth and sour earnings. Exchange volumes were inline with seasonal expectations.

Technology shares dominated the month’s exchanges, driving market action half towards utter defeat and half towards world domination. Slowly but surly Moving Forward Corp. shares advance 12%, to spite mixed earnings results from both success and failure oriented assets. Walking stocks keep running up that hill to spite muddy footing and toe numbing cold. Who can it be now? Paranoia rises after questions about why it is that all the forks in the kitchen seem to have disappeared? What was I doing again?
Oh yeah, attention assets forget what is happening and continue to fall into the dark abyss of distraction. Lots of squeezing holds hugging related capital up. While motherfucker, piece of shit, asshole, and vile sack of piss, lead vulgarity capital higher for the month and push fighting shares advance.

Stomach pain shares have had the worst monthly performance on record as energy intake was hit with the killer duo of drugs and quality over quantity. Profit warnings were issued by Z Fear Inc. as shares were beaten down by production increases of nihilism during the last two exchanging weeks. Also hurt by the increase in nihilism production ashamed share value dropped almost 19%. Disheveled assets organized during the whole of the exchanging month, as market sentiment was focused to spite not being concentrated. Ice cold end of the month temperature froze running sector exchanges, slowing share growth down to a walk.

Treasuries rebounded slightly from last month’s lows. Medium range relationships look to be the strongest followed by long-term instruments. Inflation was stable & the Zederal Reserve feels there is limited upside risks for the next month.