JZX Update Feb, 03, 2010

January overall was a solid month seeing a health amount of growth despite the harsh winter climate. The domestic sector had a stellar month seeing very strong advances from renovations in the bathroom, with the future looking to maintain the gains. The drawing sector also advanced thanks to commissions for portraits and personal projects. Debating assets finished the month strong thanks to continual presentations of my work and various projects being constructed. Fear stocks were up on a pay cut causing a rise in stress shares. Next month should see an overall rise in the stress sector. Research stocks had a strong month as well, largely thanks to the learning of financial analysis techniques for the 2009 Z-Exchanges results

The Painting sector has continued to be hammered by a total lack of interest in painting. A surprise slump with depression stocks looks to have bottomed out. However limited risk for an extended slide remains due to exterior life factors. Kitchen problems notably the stove breaking, hit the whole of the kitchen sector hard. Sleep and comfort assets slid as well, due to sleeping in my uncomfortable bed again after the pleasure of my bed in NY.

Long-Term treasuries finished the month strong, with both the J&A bond & Z-Bond giving a solid yield. Medium Term notes were good as well. Inflation is still a risk though it remains necessary to stave off the eventual boredom of everyday life and the quotidian.