JZX Update Feb, 03, 2011

January saw a steady level of exchange volumes, in line with standard amounts for the winter fiscal quarter. The first month of the year ended with mixed overall results and little change from the last month of 2010. Z-annalists’ are divided about the rest of the year’s progression leaving the door open for market movement in any direction.

Ending the month with strong gains was (RED^ Z Red Tape Corporation), after the French government reveled errors in their tax records leading to over taxation of the greater markets. Look for even more rises as the reclamation process unravels itself in February. Creation and Technology shares are up lead by (DWR^ Zo Addicted Incorporated) as an increased level of work took up the bulk of the markets’ interests. Following the trend in creation assets the Intellectual sector had an end of month spike, as did (VOY^ Z Voyeur Media Incorporated) after the discovery of a really hot new neighbor in the apartment across the street.

Shares losing out on the month were in or related to the party sector. (PLE^ Z Pleasant Corporation) lost most of its gains from the past three months’ as a result of disdain in the JZLE^ concerning the large amount of reoccurring stupidity found in drunken’ discourses at social outings. Kitchen assets found a great deal of resistance as mounting technical problems and the need to reinvest in new equipment caused. limitations in production output. Loses are expected to proceed through this month as well.

Treasuries saw a spike in short term inflation at the beginning and middle of the month in short term instruments only to fall back to stable levels before January’s end. Medium and Long term bonds & notes remain strong and stable. The Zederal Reserve Bank is in the process of re-establishing value interpretation to its currency and in the process of deregulating the ZRelationships Monetary System to be more accessible to all interested investors.