JZX Update Jan, 03, 2012

Playing make believe is starting to ring true as confusion earnings show up very clear. To spite the imaginary reality ferklempt stock ended the year all choked up pushing the feeling capital markets towards insanity. Overall exchange volumes were normal to low.

Me me me me me me me dominated the end of the month market exchanges, helping selfishness assets climb the greedy ladder to solitude. A lack of conversation and drunken boredom combined to help push ashamed shares higher following continued exchanges about bestiality, cocaine, and smelly cheese. Nervous system related companies had a banner month as market reaction time proved to be as fast as lightening…almost. Post-season surprises in the football world have helped keep game watching media and related party sector stocks up going into 2012.

An end of the month vacation punched work effort assets in the balls numbing down efficacy and causing a slump in attention span earnings. However sensation in the sector has already recovered and is off and running again. Honesty shares have been living a lie as fear pushes monthly profits down. Future uncertainty about market longing has pushed the Z Desire systems down almost 10%. Coolness assets froze as the has been in the markets keep trying to prevail.

Treasuries are down as the holiday season failed to live up to positive sentiment predicted by analysts. The winter darkness is proving more of an issue than the Zederal Reserve had initially imagined.