JZX Update Jan, 04, 2010

December’s strongest performers were found in the Gossip & Conversing Sector thanks to several presentations about my work and an overture to new projects for the New Year. The Creativity markets also continued to advance with a solid out look for the beginning of 2010. Holiday related activity pushed up relaxation assets as well. They also served to push Pain related stocks higher because of a continual Toothache that has become worse over the past 2 weeks. Trading volumes remained steady throughout the month.

To spite strong gains in the creativity markets painting related stocks continue to fall significantly giving way to a more conceptual style of creation. The trend looks set to continue into the next quarter. The digestive sector also saw an end of the month slide because of all the holiday food. However it should be a short-term event returning to normal after my daily diet re-starts. Cold weather has pushed down running related assets and they will remain risky for the next 2 months.

Long-term treasuries were down slightly, most likely due to a seasonal adjustment. Interest rates have fallen in an effort to spur over all market growth and increase volatility. The Zederal Reserve Bank has observed an alarming amount of boredom and is moving to address the situation while maintaining long term market stability.