JZX Update Jan, 04, 2011

The last month of 2010 finished with solid exchange volumes and strong positive sentiment. The start of December featured broad negative inclinations with a tendency towards self-destructive exchanges. However this was not to last as the bear was slain early on and the bull took over market feeling continuing to rage on into the New Year.

Market research is showing strong potential for future prosperity. Advances continued in the cultivation and style assets following continued inspiration from Julius Gross. Handyman shares saw strong end of the month growth after toilet, and bathroom renovations were successful. Initial forecasts proved inaccurate for the Holiday sector as it featured unexpected highs off the back of newfound confidence in market sentiment and a strong reception in the Haut-Savoie.

To spite market confidence eye assets continue to struggle due to the need for better correctional equipment. A fall in Hand washing shares ended up causing a rise in the sneeze and coughing industries. It is also believed that the slide in hand washing stock and the metro educed a bout of the common cold on the JZBE^. Also succumbing to winter glum was the reclusive sector as it was hit hard after a better than expected earnings in December’s party related assets.

Treasuries remain strong going into the New Year with the expected release of the multiple new monetary platforms and an expansion of the Zederal Reserve Bank. Inflation has risen slightly overall as a result of increased human interactions, though for now it remains a small concern. Bond yields are still strong with a positive outlook for 2011.