JZX Update Jan, 08, 2009

As was previously stated in the last market statement, the biggest gainers during the month of December were all related to the research and theories markets. Strong thinking and writing is expected to continue for the near future. Therefore Intellectual instruments are to continue looking bullish. Stress based assets are also set for a comeback. The holiday season was stable and comfortable however as this month continues look for a slide in the comfort and relaxation stocks. They are likely to drop while the cold and grumpy stocks rise significantly.The Biggest losers for the month were to all the stomach related stocks because of the American food. Going back to France should help put that back on a less volatile standing.

The lack of a desire to go out and socialize due to the winter climate will keep inflation down. Interest rates are expected to remain the same. Long term Z-Bonds have stabilized with the Z-Bill continuing to fall slightly from continuing support from my girlfriend.