JZX Update Jan, 3, 2013 News Update

Bleach blond, blue eyed, silicone lined hotness highlighted December’s monthly market action as newfound deregulation spurred on libido asset profit taking.
Multiple times. Overall volumes were strong over the first two weeks followed by a steep decline to finish 2012.

Ego sector earnings appeared very selfish as market exchanges continued to adjust to a more self-indulgent exchanging style. Drunk production continued to be strong due to sustained rises in lonely capital and excess boredom supply. Equally profiting from excess amounts of boredom tech stocks rose thanks to an active investment in hacking pornographic sites with the goal of supporting pleasure assets.

Affection supply decreases hurt feelings stocks and caused holiday cheer output to miss market expectations lowering overall market happiness as Z Hugging Corp only produced one drunk’in hug over the whole of the 2012 holiday season.

Creative production kept art shares up and proved to be a solid gainer through out the month to spite going into litigation over unpaid performance debts.

Treasuries released strong monthly yields thanks in large part to the holiday season as the Zederal Reserve received strong relational reports from the majority of contributing sources. The winter months are expected to have limited relational growth.