JZX Update Jul, 02, 2009

June’s biggest winners were in the debating markets thanks to the defending of my work to a jury of professors at the Sorbonne while obtaining my Masters Degree. June’s biggest surprise winner were all the confusion-based instruments, largely thanks to my current economic situation. Stress and depression related assets have remained stable with a strong forward outlook.

The month’s losers were primarily in the domestic arena because of a large preference to spend lots of time creating instead of cleaning. However the kitchen related assets are stable. Another surprise for the month was the slide in humour stocks. Nobody seems to understand my jokes these days making it difficult to make people laugh and putting pressure on the market.

Treasuries remain very stable with a strong long-term interest rate. Long-term bonds are giving high yields and continue to maintain the possibility for strong future growth. June 10th saw the initial offering of the Long-Term JZ-Bond.