JZX Update Jul, 04, 2011

June’s market action started with turbulence in the biking sector after a drunk’in bike crash due to the observation of a young woman peeing in the middle of the sidewalk instead of watching the road lead to peddle damage and basket dislocation. A much needed technical upgrade came on line in the energy sector provoking solid results in cooking assets that look to produce tasty earnings for the foreseeable future. After May’s mayhem June saw average to moderate amounts of exchange volume.

The winners for the month were found scattered throughout the markets. Renovation assets notably Handy Man Corp. lead the way producing respectable earnings after toilet related challenges were over come successfully and without the need of extra investment of funds. The entertainment sector benefited from the advances in hard work related shares with Z Movie Watching Corp. showing solid results as a refuge from a heavy workload. Fatigue shares crept up through the middle of the month, however gave back most gains during the last week. More, more, more, was a reoccurring them during the month’s exchanges helping Zo Selfish Inc. post profits above analysts’ expectations. Explanation related shares were at a premium as they were the markets primary focus following multiple presentations. Following the continued cooperation from the climate sports shares have helped produce gains in the Z Backside shares as years of running are helping turn a couple of heads.

Z Complicated Inc. was the victim of a continual desire to simplify the broader markets exchanges. Various efforts are under way which look to keep the pressure on the Corporation for at least the next month. Respiratory shares got hammered at the end of the month with a special focus on the throat’s inability to meet its obligations to create speech. The disappointing results were enhanced by the over production of slim and goo clogging up the whole of the Nostril Passage Inc. The sector’s problems appear to be similar to March’s decline however market sentiment has been leaning towards a rapid recovery. Closing out the losers was Zo Putting on Shoes Corp. that fell victim to recent barefoot market tendency. All expectations point to a continuation according to climatic conditions.

Treasuries’ notched up a level as the springtime as the ZZXC analysis showed a more positive sentiment. The beginning of the vacation season presents some inflationary risks however the Zederal Reserve is watching to make sure market stability is continued.