JZX Update Jul, 04, 2012

Raining poop from above crashed into leg related shares, while tech capital proved once again to be a rotten apple, helping catastrophe assets make strong gains over the last two weeks of June. Volume was mixed and z-analysts predict a moderate amount of exchanging in July.

Decisiveness helped lead the art sector up after embarking on a design production spree that has seen the Z Exchanges, Zederal Reserve, and Zo PoPular Ex. websites totally rebuilt. Observation stocks ended the month very clear and concisely as research and development paid out calculated aesthetic dividends.

Really again, sick of it all industrials supported snob asset expansion and produced excess fuck off attitude, while arrogance shares ignorantly benefited from an increased supply of market stupidity output.


Allegations of incorrect permits and licenses where levied against part of the entertainment sector by French authorities, however all charges were abandoned after the market defense played dumb in English to out smart its accuser in French. The results helped laughing related shares spike.


The mirror on the wall released a statement calling hair capital; “disastrous” bring down style sector earnings for the first part of the month, and causing an increase in ugliness and stress. Making matters worse 10 solid days of gray contributed to difficult hair conditions, and brought on a bout of summer time blues that hampered joy and sexiness capital.

This in turn caused a freeze in gentlemanly production creating a drop in charming and pleasantness supplies, and hurting conversation related stocks.


Treasuries were mixed, as the Zederal Reserve was unable to foster solid relational value through most of the month. Mixed reports have the Zederal Reserve Board watching everyday life very closely for any negative side growth.