JZX Update Jul, 05, 2010

June was a high volume month following a bout with death. Stocks overall saw a mid month rise off the bureaucratic sector followed by a surprise slide towards the end. The biggest winners were in the Jewish Funds as the market used its cultural heritage for risk aversion to the death in the family. Running assets had a small stumble but look set to have a full recovery with a long-distance high growth projection for the next month. Another surprise gainer for the month was in the laughing sector that managed to beat back the push from the melancholy assault after a seven pound white hair ball with brown spots was added to the JZLE^. Chaos and depression also faired well after the creeping death came knocking.

Losses were seen in sporadic sectors and can be linked to limited exterior market factors. The gains made in the nothingness assets are expected to give way before the end of the month and trading prices should make an overall correction. Downward pressure is being watched closely by the ZRB^. Other suffering stocks were in the intellectual and efficiency sectors following an over extended prior 6 months span. Their respective losses look set to recover in the short-term future.

Treasuries had a difficult end of the month due to the turbulent relations created by the reaper rearing his head at the ZRB^. Long-term instruments were little changed, while the over all inflation edged down a degree. Deflation remains a risk with the bank expected to push its exposure into more outgoing attitudes to quail the risk of boredom. The bank will also be issuing its first 3-year term Bond sometime in the near future.