JZX Update July 3rd, 2013

Party stocks ruled June as cocaine induced aggressive behavior spurred on questioning assets concerning human relational capital & the true value of inebriated verbal transactions. Overall exchanging volumes were vide and volatile.A walking dead soul caused massive perturbations in relational stocks causing the market to experience an inability to generate or express its true feelings. However z analysts are expecting a new direction in the near future.

A low in erotic drive gave way to a decrease in libido supply boosting bachelor stocks significantly as sexual performance went into the gutter. Contributing to the erotic low, alcohol intake remained high throughout the month as the market tried to fill a void and failed.

Bang Bang Bang American stocks red glare as the end of the month featured massive amounts guns, ammo, 4wheelers and fishing poles with a cold PBR to boot.

The Zederal Reserve lowered interest rates to “Alright” as overall relationship data failed to produce positive side growth. July’s direction equally remains unclear with the ZZXC looking closely at securing long-term stability.