JZX Update Jun, 03, 2010

The past month saw high volatility with the introduction of a new trading platform. The month’s biggest movers were in the bureaucratic sector off of a continued plague of obligations imposed by the French authorities to constantly renew papers with the same information from the preceding year(s). Market analysts are expecting the sector to maintain its gains into the month of June. As was expected running assets also faired well to spite the questionable springtime conditions. They are looking to have another high performing month in June. The stress industries were able to find growth off the back of the high volatility in the bureaucracy sector. However it remains unclear if the trend upward will maintain its speed following multiple unclear indicators for the future.

The comfort assets had the biggest loses during the month however they were able to come off their lows towards the end of May. Stomach stocks also saw a difficult first half of the month trending upward with comfort shares. Forecasts are showing an uncertain future for the sector with the possibility of a rise in stress stocks contradicting a normal seasonal dietary change more suitable to a calm digestive process.

The Zederal Reserve Bank left the overall interest rate unchanged at good. Current long-term instruments are stable with more volatility in the short-term debt. The ZRB^ feels it necessary to artificially create inflationary pressure on short-term bills & notes to create a stronger possibility to long term Z-Bond stability. The undressing of the opposite sex has also put pressure on short-term debt. The ZRB^ has also re-positioned its rules dealing with mergers & acquisitions hoping to create greater market efficiency and transparency for investors.