JZX Update Jun, 03, 2011

The month of May saw a nuclear bomb hit tech assets sending the broader markets into a prolonged disagreeable chaotic cycle of mayhem and confusion. The resulting high volumes of exchange were felt in every sector. Most of all in the cleaning industry as dust and grim accumulated to produce what appeared to be new life in the corners of the markets floor.

Feeding off the toxic fallout from the tech sector Z Mistrust Inc. and Suspicion Z Media Corp. shares profited, like mutant spiders in a 50’s horror film would have from radioactive waste, to help produce unease about traders plotting to explore and destroy the Z-Exchanges. Overbearing thoughts of losing all technology and contact with the world forever caused a rise in the Dream sector as nightmares about radioactive frogs eating human legs helped Z Dreams Systems Corp. produce strong earnings. Other winners were in the sports sector as beautiful weather and excess time helped produce excellent exchange conditions and room for growth. The sector looks to continue to produce strong earnings as narcissistic market sentiment helps keep output motivation high. Z Talking to Zyself Corp. was the other beneficiary of the catastrophe in the Tech sector as ample time to discuss life in quite solitude produced mixed effects but strong results.

Contamination in entertainment related shares were particularly severe as a lack of access to the web, computer, and phone combined with boredom based pressure due to the repetitive uncreative nature of most moving picture media (when it is functioning). Reading was able to offset a certain amount of stress in media shares but was simply overwhelmed by the broader market trends. A new market tendency of being focused on making new history hurt Z Reminiscing Inc. and Z analysts have down graded the company’s importance rating.

Treasuries are on a stable footing with general consensus of maintaining the status quo with interest rates. However continued deregulation efforts and rumors of the perspective launch of a public account system is encouraging for growth. Inflation was little changed in the Z Exchanges. Z analysts are mixed about the possible results of June exchanges, however there is general consensus about the continuation of the tendency towards continued higher price volatility.