JZX Update Jun, 04, 2012

May ended with scandal as Talking to Thy Self Corp. was caught in an insider exchanging conspiracy silencing earnings completely. The corporation was allegedly found taking information from itself to artificially boost its own stock price. The Zederal Reserve is currently investigating.

May’s best performers were in the energy sector as appetizing investment was able to beat down flavorless capital and produce a tasty profit, sauteing their way to delicious. Adding even more sauce to the earnings eating out shares saw unprecedented profits during the first 2 weeks of exchanging.
Open windows and warm weather combined to create strong earnings conditions for voyeur oriented media. However to spite a rise in price the tilt towards higher masculine nudity tapered the stock’s full growth potential.
Speed was May’s darling as sports assets hit the ground sprinting. Push Up Corp. shares pushed back, yielding a bit of residual soreness, and helping the bottom line rise, decline, rise, decline, rise …
Work trends took precedence on relationships, supporting solid earning conditions for selfishness and reclusive related assets, and helping idea manufacturing rise.

A feeling of relief washed over Stomach Pain assets bashing the Z16 composite and sending shares to their lowest level since their IPO.
Confusion industrials suffered from a rise in clear and concise production causing shares to simplify and decline.
Snap crack & PoP in the second molar of mouth assets exploded tooth related capital, literally, reducing biting efficiency and earnings to rather painful levels.
Sick stocks fell on strong health, while lack of pollen supply eased allergy assets off their seasonal highs.

Inflation remained in its target range as positive side relational growth was reported to have been good. Natural climatic conditions are expected to support both long and short term relational instruments and keep inflation growth on target.