JZX Update June 3rd, 2013

May exchanging started hard with a massive drop in positive technological share prices due to suspected criminal activities from both orange and free telecom intervening to manipulate stock prices. Authorities are currently investigating the accusations of insider trading activities. Monthly volumes were in line with expectations.Burning down the house, running sector earnings helped benefit multiple full night marathon intercourse exchanging sessions, complemented by strong experimentation that boosted fornication production leading overall erotic related asset value deeper into the black.

Dark shades at night & pheasant hunting without hunting lead style asset coolness earnings upward as style sector capital continued to look super fly. The newfound boldness equally helped push social exchanging volumes up & bolstered confidence stocks positively.

Jewish assets had a not so shabby month, profiting from an irrational paranoia about eminent death after 2 sleep sessions of night sweats and an unexplained reoccurring pain in the mid-bottom left side of the JaZoN Body Ex. Also helping support Jewish value a significant effort to boost humor sector output and produce laughter oriented market exchanges helped the sector finish in positive territory after a volatile mid month.

The Zederal Reserve received a mixed batch of relational input seeing long term relationships struggle, with significant increases in new relation growth. The ZZXC has lowered the Z Relationship interest rate to Good/Alright to try stimulating overall relationship quality.