JZX Update Mar, 02, 2010

February saw the usual mid-winter lows, though they were able to avoid 2009’s dismal numbers. The months biggest gainers were in the bureaucratic related sectors thanks to a renewed bout of sever visa problems. Rising off the back of this visa problems stress assets went soaring to 2010 highs. A difficult visa situation for the next quarter should keep both markets up. Learning related stocks were the month’s surprise winner seeing very solid growth from learning how to do basic web sites programming. Cleaning shares were up as was drinking stocks following the opening of the JaZoN Futures Exchange “Energy Market”. However there are rumours on the JZLE^ that March may see a retreat off the current cleaning sector highs.

Continuing to fall were kitchenware assets due to a broken stove and no money to fix it. Sleep and stomach sectors took a real beating from the strong rise in stress. The next few months could remain difficult for both industries from a number of exterior factors, which are keeping heavy pressure on the share price. Also moving down were computer assets, with a suddenly oversized batter (?). However a solid recover is expected by months end.

Treasuries produced stable interest rates with a good yield. There was one incident of inflation mid-month that the Zederal Reserve Bank quickly squashed. Medium term instruments are showing signs of growth moving into March. However some cautionary measures are likely as a preparation for the spring when inflation traditionally is at it’s seasonal peak.