JZX Update Mar, 03, 2012

Fight shares saw smelliest profits in the company’s history after a declaration of war was signed against the downstairs neighbor due their garbage continually appearing in front of the exchanging headquarters door. Exchange volumes where strong and keep a solid outlook going into next month.

February ended with a, Like O.M.G, as WoW shares soared after finding treasure in the street.
JaZoN & Jason saw a volatile month, as the market identity could not make up its mind about who’s in charge, making exchanges unstable & a bit of schizophrenia a reality.
Experimentation from previous investment helped cooking related capital added multiple new tastes to the market’s pallet, while sauteing earnings into a tasty concoction.
Mat white paint rolled Handy Man Corp & Painting shares up to their highest production levels and profits since 2008, as market walls receive a much need fresh coat. Suffering a plaster dust invasion from the increase in handyman assets cleaning shares featured abnormally high exchange volumes and lack of control, leading to mixed results.
Steady piercing blue-eyed exchanges lead Stare Inc, shares upward thanks to a spurt in macho confidence gained during the garbage war, and doubling production levels.

The entertainment sector was covered in a bloody red following market movie fatigue due to repetitive poor quality cinema and a Giant victory, which effectively ended game watching production for the quarter.
Zo Efficient Inc, released earnings that moved as fast as a jelly fish petrified with fear, causing creative oriented assets in the art sector to trim their overall gains.
Intellectual capital had a stupid month as an over supply of talk and lack of walk hurt market interest.
Push-ups remained flat on the ground to spite a quick month for the running sector.

Treasuries had a better than expected month producing solid earnings with inflation in the correct target range. Long term instruments have been paying off creating beneficial relationships and helping overcome the lack of short term credit.