JZX Update March, 3, 2013

February’s market action seemed to be missing something as volumes proved low and lacked solid positive growth. Humor sector liabilities saw self related market issues in a volatile manner causing general price movements to be totally irrational. Adding to the negative side expansion overindulgence in drunk’in stocks and prolonged hangover exchanging sessions caused an artificial rally in perceived loser capital.

Not cool but still chic, was the style sector’s earnings verdict, bucking the darker market trend, and helping sector share prices rise after 2 months of steady declines. Increased phlegm production bolstered sick sector earnings to 6 month highs as overall market health was hammered during the second half of the month. In turn spurring a massive rally in malady related capital and making the market-exchanging environment very difficult.
Art Credit defaults continued to hamper success expanding into the art world to spite continued strong creative output.

Physical masturbation profits beat out intellectual masturbation as repetitive ego stroking shot a load of losing bets. Hot nasty nights went limp at the end of the month due too cock teases and increases in the sick sector. Market indicators are showing a voluptuous increase in fornication productivity going into March thanks to increased exchanging and distribution outlets.

Relational debt remained stable with market indicators leaning towards a slight increase in long term quality. Therefore the Zederal Reserve ZZXC has raised the ZRelationship interest rate a half a notch to good/really good.