JZX Update May, 03, 2012

Sucking was the darling of the market during April’s exchanges as dust assets blew away earnings expectations thanks to the addition of new high-powered appliances coming online, while simultaneously rejection shares reached undesirable highs. Exchange volumes were mixed with a mid month lull.

The silver screen shined throughout the month as a revival of Hollywood’s golden era hit market screens increasing demand significantly.
The ability to fly, fall, get the girl that got away, have two left hands, & converse with dead people also helped entertainment stocks as Dream assets made real gains towards the end of the month.
Painting shares benefited from the addition new decoration to the market floor to spite the fact the end product was homage to Daniel Buren and didn’t actually use any paint.
Walking continued to be a highly sought after commodity helping liberate new ideas for future market exchanging endeavors and helping maintain good production levels for the intellectual sector.
Heavy shortening of hair capital and the addition of new modeling products helped hair shares rise from their two month lows and stand almost straight up.

Zmooth Sailing Inc. entered ruff seas as earnings and production levels sank to the bottom of facileness.
Deathly levels of pain tormented mouth capital as wisdom tooth inflation came to a shrilling throbbing point for around a week causing important losses in tooth and gums stocks.
Also effected were motivation assets as over asserted pain production caused slowness and uncertainty for the market.
Reading shares were beat down by video causing a steady decline in output and lack of exchange volume.