JZX Update May, 03, 2013

April market action stayed hot and nasty experimenting in new forms of dark room exchanging that boosted humor & ego earnings considerable. Z Future libido asset growth is projected to stay hard through out the month of May. Overall exchanging volumes were stable for the principal part of the session.

Ego assets had a self-indulgent run rising off of positive input from reputable market sources. Also helping ego prices multiple intellectual confrontations shot fighting shares upward as market sex appeal excited multiple conservative French men to show their true racist homophobic colors and get belittled for being stupid.

Equally marking monthly earnings allergy capital exploded into action inhaling a fine dose of pollen and dust similar a cokehead sniffing up 100% pure Colombian powder. However Z Analysis are projecting limited growth going into June.

Style shares proved mixed as blemishes caused ugliness capital increases, while Z Dressing Corp stock rose more than 10% off of gifts & new acquisitions.

Running stocks rebounded as tendons relaxed, and ligaments held tight seeing good advances in mid and lower body assets. Unfortunately upper body growth stagnated shrinking arm sector value.

The Zederal Reserve found slight increases in short term relational debt however has decided to leave the Z Relationship interest rate unchanged at good/really good following mostly stable relational inflation data.